Dr. Kline is a fantastic dentist. Great chair side manner from both the dental assistants and the dentist. Hygienists are highly educated, and compassionate. I love how the front desk ladies are so committed to bringing great customer service to ALL of their patients. I am always so comfortable coming into this office; My teeth are a lot healthier and happy :) 

- Ben W.

We live an hour away and we don't want to change our dentist...absolutely great...fun environment and good work. Best Dentist Ever! :) 

- Lindsay C.

Dr Kline did an outstanding job replacing my broken crown. The entire visit to remove and prepare for the new crown took all of 30-minutes. The new crown arrived and the installation went so fast that I was out of the office in 15-minutes. He was wonderful and insured that the finished work was to exceed my expectations. I would recommend anyone to him. Two Thumbs up! 

- Rick R.

I've been a patient of Dr. Kline's for 8+ years now, and my experience has always been fantastic. Dr. Kline is a friendly and helpful guy, with a good sense of humor to boot. Anybody that has asked me for a dentist referral over the years always gets my two thumbs up review for Dr. Kline. Highly recommended! And my teeth will second this review! :)

- Sharron L.

My Name is Candace and I have not always been a fan of going to the dentist.  I know I am not alone in this but I felt important to share upfront that not only have I spent the better part of my life dreading dentist visits, I am also not the easiest patient to deal with for multiple reasons.  I’m somewhat claustrophobic, have a small mouth and gag very easily so having multiple hands, x-ray slides and tools in my face and mouth can be quite difficult for me to handle not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.  I have had a history of approaching dentist offices with metaphorical armor ready to resist and fight my way out of whatever I can!  As I got older I avoided the dentist for years.  When I moved to VT I was forced to face my fears of the dentist because the years of avoiding the dentist began to take its toll.  I couldn’t ignore the condition of my teeth and chronic discomfort.

I decided to try out the clinic that was closest to my job and taking new patients; that turned out to be Dr. Brad Kline’s office.  I am grateful that the universe connected me to this office because it has completely shifted my disposition.  I remember the warmth and genuine care from each staff member; beginning with the women at the front desk to the other dental practitioners.  I remember when Dr. Kline walked into the room after my first cleaning in ages; when I saw his scrubs had a giant tiger embossed on the back of them I knew he was not going to be your garden variety dentist and I was happy about it!  He is authentic, funny, kind and a great practitioner.  I say this not only because of his actual work on my teeth thus far, but because of how he and his staff listen without judgment, they embody patience, are kind, caring and creative.  I feel like I can state my needs and am listened to and have noticed the impact the treatment has had on my ability to relax more and move beyond some of the fears I have had in the past when going to the dentist.  Recently, I had an emergency situation with my teeth needed care quickly.  They made time for me to come in that day. 

As I was writhing in pain in the waiting room, in tears and utterly embarrassed that I could not control myself because the pain level was unimaginable, I received such meaningful care and support that it truly moved my and affirmed my belief in the existence of goodness in the world.  One of the staff members offered me her lunch so I could take the antibiotics I needed to take prior to the procedure.  Another staff member sat with me in the waiting room and comforted me.  Another staff member sat with me inside the room and was such a great listener and good company; her presence was essential to ground me through the pain I was experiencing that day.  And when Dr. Kline walked into the room dressed head to toe as Billy Idol (it was Halloween) I couldn’t help but smile and feel joyful, despite the pain, to have a dentist who is good at his work and authentically who he in is in his work.  He and his crew are outstanding people and professionals; not only am I a patient but I have my entire family as patients here too. 

My partner values their services and finds it easy to work with them.  My son LOVES Dr. Brad Kline’s office so much that he actually counts down until he gets to go again!  I trust them with my family and feel grateful personally to have found a team of people that has helped my heal and rebuild/restore both my dental health and my trust and belief in the dental field.  If you’re looking for a dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Brad Kline’s office on South Willard Street in Burlington, VT.

- Candace