Oral Surgery / Implants / Bridgework / Partials

No one wants to get a tooth out but it does happen due to accident, gum disease, fracture, etc. We offer removal and with some patients pre-medication to ease the anxiety of this procedure. Once the tooth is out and healed, we offer procedures to fill the void.

Implants are generally titanium screws that are placed in the bone and a crown is put on top. Flosses like a tooth – acts like a tooth.

Bridgework is a series of crowns. It is usually done in an area where the teeth ahead of and behind the space where the removed tooth once was are in need of crowns anyway.

Removable partials are used when many teeth are missing and it would be cheaper or more feasible. A partial is made of white metal with pink gums and white teeth made of acrylic (plastic). They clasp over teeth to stay in place.