Operative / Fillings

Fillings today are made of a plastic resin with tiny glass balls mixed together, thus the word composite. We presently use some of the best bonding materials and composites in the industry.

You will find that when I finish your fillings, they will be bumpy. That is because I try to give your teeth back the natural valleys, peaks and grooves they once had. This allows you to chew your food more easily and effectively. It also does not shorten your teeth over the years with flat or soup bowl fillings. This creates a more youthful smile. This also reduces the burdens placed on your stomach and intestines. Many dentists don’t care, have the ability, or understand why this is so important – but it is!

When cavities create a large hole in your tooth, composites can actually hold your tooth together. That is because they adhere to the tooth. When the walls get too thin, we suggest a crown and the existing filling can make a good base or core. Because fillings come in a range of colors, we can match them to your teeth. This makes your smile aesthetic and functional.