These procedures commonly called caps or crowns are made of either gold, porcelain fused to gold or all porcelain. These jackets or helmets are placed over teeth to protect them from further trauma. Common tooth breakers are bagels, hard pretzels, carrots, bacobits, popcorn, nuts, seeds, and stones – even bird shot! Many times these items crack the tooth and a few weeks later, the piece falls out flossing or when eating something sticky like bread.

The actual crown prep process involves taking off all the enamel with a diamond following the contours of the tooth. An impression is made and sent to a laboratory where your crown is hand-made by a technician. My relationship with my lab has been a wonderful one of over 20 years. Having a great lab that can deliver a demanding dentist's criteria is of utmost importance. This will become a part of your body for decades to come after all.